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Genscape & CarbonPositive

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

GenScapeI’ve been working with a couple of new clients over recent months, and if you check out their websites, I’m sure you‘ll see why I’ve been so pleased to do so. Genscape has one of the world’s most sophisticated and comprehensive third-party energy/environmental monitoring networks – and given the fact that it operates in real time, potential tie-ins with some of my previous work and MRV interests are obvious.

Carbon Positive

CarbonPositive is a carbon management company which has particular interests in the forestry and shipping industries – and perhaps most importantly, it allows me to work once again with my good friend and colleague John Palmisano. I’ve known John since the late 1970s, when he was working in the US EPA’s Regulatory Reform Group developing the earliest emissions trading regulations (long before cap & trade!). We’ve worked together on a wide range of projects since then, in a number of different settings — including the Hong Kong Stock Exchange project a few years ago. We even went together to visit the same tailor in that city – although we didn’t get matching suits. Our skills are likewise complementary, & it’s really nice to be working with him once again!