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Climate Change Handbook — 2nd Edition

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

Several years ago, I received an invitation from Wei-Yin Chen, a chemical engineering professor at the University of Mississippi, to contribute a chapter about emissions trading for Springer’s Handbook of Climate Change Mitigation. Prof. Chen and several colleagues were editing the multi-volume publication noted in my November 2011 posting — and I was very pleased to accept & complete such a task with one of my former students, Sudha Iyer.

The Handbook has been quite successful, and Springer therefore decided to bring out a Second Edition early next year (2016) – expanded now to address adaptation concerns as well as those associated with climate change mitigation. Emissions trading has obviously changed much in those intervening years, however – and so I asked two distinguished colleagues (specializing in European and Chinese applications) to give us a hand in updating our previous effort.

Paula Coussy is a CO2 and carbon market specialist at IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), and we’ve worked together for many, many years (including a UNDP training session in Guiyang, China in 1998, addressing economic approaches for environmental regulation). Paula has considerable expertise concerning the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme, as was evident in her recent interview posted by IFPEN.

Carla Freeman is a Professor who heads up the Foreign Policy Institute at SAIS, and also is Associate Director of the China Studies Program there. She formerly served as Co-Director of HNC (& is a major reason that I am there full-time now!) – and has closely followed China’s carbon market development [as indicated, for example, in her 2013 article in the Carbon & Climate Law Review, co-authored with Prof. Bo Kong].

It was really great to work with such knowledgeable co-authors, and Springer has now made our updated, revised version available on-line well before the official publication date.